Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We Are Alive!!!!!

hey guys,
We're still alive, if you're wondering. My mom hasn't been up to date with her blog lately, as you can see. She told me that I can manage the blog now, since I'm on the computer more than her. There's just so much going on, especially during the school year, that she can't keep up to date. So I'm gonna try and stay up to date with it. Forgive me if I don't, but it's worth a try. More to post later!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


It has seven continents.
Make it six.
No five!

Good-by Africa
South America
And Europe!

No, three, two

Is Antartica a
If not,

But where
Will we live?
The moon?

The sun is not ours,
And it's too hot!

But where
Will we live?
The Atlantic,
The Pacific?

No, the Arctic
Is where we'll
In a boat on the

-Daisy Rivers, 5th grade

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Well, I'm back. It's only been 4 months but hey.....my house is almost complete. I feel like that's the only thing happening but it's really not. Actually we're going to be starting on the outside - yikes! Between there being no grass in the front (and I mean NO grass) and the 8 trees that we cut down & have piled in the back - there is a lot of work to do. We'll see how on top of that Ernie will be. He's done with school but the work on his parents house will be starting soon. The basement will be installed starting next Monday. That usually means that my house will take the back seat.

So, we've just started a new workout routine. P90X. It's insane. Everyday is a different workout. That happens for 3 weeks then you move up to the next level for 3 weeks and repeat a 3rd time. I love the Plyometrics & Kenpo. They are kick-a but fabulous. It also means that I'm supposed to change my "nutrition plan". Yea, I'm not sure about that. I really like Diet Coke. I have not had chocolate, eaten crappy food...I've even eaten more vegies but give up Diet? I think that might be going to far :) Ernie is convinced that if I quit the Diet I'll get 6-pack abs. We'll see - as soon as my 24-pack is gone.

Watching Grey's Anatomy right now...the one where the little girl shoots her dad. OMGosh! That's just crazy business. Hunt & Yang - now that's just a messed up. I heart Little Grey & Sloan.

I'm off now to do my mommy/wife duties. Cheyenne has mutual and Ernie's softball starts tonight.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not to worry - I'm still alive

I've been sucked into Facebook. Evilness! I get email about so-n-so wanting to be my friend but I don't remember the name so I have to get on Facebook & the next thing I know 2 hours has gone by. What's happening to me? This is why I didn't know the last photos I posted did not work. Since I posted them, we've moved into the house and all seems well. There are still things that need to be done. How long will it be before I actually get the handles put on my cabinets? When will my island counter be ready for installation? Will I every get my window treatments done? I'm supposed to have 2 bathrooms in this house. Is the second one ever going to get finished? Will the girls ever get carpet? Most importantly, when will I get my dishwasher? These can be only answered by a higher power. I hope that higher power will give Ernie a little free time to spend on those things. It only took until yesterday for him to tighten the legs on the dining table & the bolts to the toilet. Thank goodness. Between both of those wobbling - I thought I was going to get seasick!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Family Photo

Merry Christmas
Daisy, Kristy, Kylen, Ivy, Ernie, Eden, Cheyenne

Friday, December 5, 2008

New House Photos

Finally I have been able to get some time with the computer. I swear between Chy's writing & Ernie's school stuff, I haven't been able to get on. We aren't ready to move in yet - but so close. The doors were hung yesterday, trim for the doors and windows were cut & painted and the bamboo was started. I told our contractor (my brother-in-law, Manny) that he had to be finished by next Friday because I was moving in. Our kitchen still hasn't been delivered but IKEA keeps saying that they can see in their system that everything is ready - whatever that means. We may be eating pizza for Christmas but at least I'll be in my own house. That will be happiness enough. I'm really hoping that we can keep going at this pace. It would be nice to have those 10 days to settle in a bit before Christmas hits.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Again - the House

Well, what else would I be talking about? I know I haven't posted in a while but I have been spending every (well almost) free moment working on the house. The upstairs is painted & ready for flooring and the kitchen. The downstairs is a different story. Cheyennes room is ready to paint & the drywall is hung & ready for mud in Daisy & Eden's room. The rest of the basement will have to wait until after we move in. I don't have a problem with that. The big issue for me was to make sure the kids rooms were all done so I didn't have to move them again. I've ordered the kitchen which I was told would take 2 weeks to get in but of course some of my cabinets are on backorder. Why should anything be different? Nothing about this house has really happened in a reasonable way. I was going through my pictures & realized that I don't have any inside pictures that are up to date.
I've get some taken soon & posted next time